“She is a really special person, with good hands,” is how Dr. Glenn Abrahmsohn, owner of The Dental Connection in the Square Shopping Center, describes Dr. Isabel Rosseltti Cruz, a pediatric dentistry specialist who says living and working on Key Biscayne is “more than I can ask for.”

The Brazilian-born Rosseltti Cruz, who moved to the area after her husband, an executive with Etau Bank, was transferred to Miami, possesses what Abrahmsohn calls “a good understanding of the compass of dentistry.” 

Dr Isabelle_Rotelli_IMG_6425.jpg

It helps that Rosseltti Cruz is a strong practitioner of the company’s “painless” philosophy, with Abrahmsohn holding several patents on local anesthetics and pain control. 

Rosseltti Cruz said making dentistry painless is important, especially in her specialty of pediatric dentistry. “If you (cause pain in) a kid they never come back,” she said, adding that controlling pain for kids helps build healthy dental habits. 

Asked what motivated her to go into dentistry, Rosseltti Cruz said bringing “smiles to the patients faces.” She loves to reconstruct patients smiles, stating that “smiles bring people together.” 

Rosseltti Cruz earned her degree in Brazil and earned her AEGD (Advance Education General Dentistry) at University of Florida. She was immediately attracted to the ideal of working at a boutique dental clinic such as Dental Connection. “Our patients are confident it is a safe and sterilized environment.

“We care. We are a boutique dental office,” she added. “We are not a dental factory where we see dozens of patients a day. (This) enables us to provide each patient a unique experience, treating them as individuals.”

Being small does not mean missing out on advances in the dental field. For example, the office recently changed the process of taking mouth impressions to a new scan technology. And pain management is a major focus. “We are wimp central,” laughs Dr. Abrahmsohn. 

A mother of two, ages 11 and 14, Rosseltti Cruz said living on the island, with a growing Brazilian community, makes her feel right at home.

If you go

The Dental Connection is located in the Square Shopping Center, at 260 Crandon Blvd, Unit S-3. You can reach them at (305) 361-0778.

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