Some kitesurfing enthusiasts have again caused a stir during recent windy days.

Dr. Roland Samimy, who is working with the Parks and Recreation and Open Spaces Department on this issue until the rangers approved for hire by the Village Council are on board and able to watch over the kitesurfers, said members of the Key Biscayne Police Department made a recent appearance and made “a positive impression.”

But Council member Luis Lauredo wasn’t sold.

“How disappointing it is,” he said. “We’re bending over backwards to accommodate them ... I’ve been there twice ... It’s reckless. Basically they (the people who were supposed to be monitoring the situation) told me to fly a kite ...They’re missing people in Key Colony by inches. Their end of the bargain, as far as I’m concerned, they lost it.”

Council member Frank Caplan said the core group of local kitesurfers is compliant (with the safety rules) “but the outliers are not, and they’ve had difficulty in policing that.”

Lauredo said that the core group should assign one person on windy days to control the situation and if they cannot handle it, to call the police department.

Mayor Mike Davey is all for enforcement.

“It’s a privilege, not a right,” he said. “The beach is not just for kiters anymore.”

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